I can not believe it! It’s already been 2 whole years since David Archuleta released his first ever single, Crush. He’s gotten so far in 2 years and I’m really proud to call myself a fan. I’ve met so many great friends because of him on Twitter which I really appreciate and I’m grateful everyday for how he’s changed my life. For example, when I interviewed him May 1st, 2009 he made me believe in dreams because I would never ever in a million years imagine ME, just a 12 year old (I was 12 then) would interview or even see David Archuleta, runner up of American Idol season 7, live. It was just all over whelming and I felt really blessed just getting to see him live since he had been a huge inspiration of mine since he auditioned with “Waiting For The World To Change” by John Mayer on American Idol. He will continue being a huge inspiration of mine through all the years I live. I hope the best for him because he deserves everything he’s been blessed with so far.

I love you David James Archuleta.