Name is Ami. It’s not my real name. It’s my nickname. I have a pretty awesome life if you don’t count school into it (;
Summer is my favorite part of the year because we don’t have school, there’s sun, and my birthday is in July.
I live for Music, Friends, Boys and my Family.
I can’t really live without boys. It’s impossible. Really. I’m serious. Fo Real. Okay you get it (:
So im basically your average teenage girl. My hair never goes the way i want it to go, my room cant stay clean for one day and there is this guy im absolutly crazy about! I go through a lot of stuff but I get through it because of my friends and family which help me through anything.
I love life. I want to live a long happy life. I know I’ll have some up and downs but I know I will be able to go through it because of all the support I have.
I have 2 best friends which are always there for me. Then I mean ALWAYS. We laugh too loud, go insane over small things, obsess over small things, sing off key, eat too much, and stay up all night texting and gossiping.
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That’s pretty much you have to know about me for now, you’ll learn more and more about through reading my blog.

God Bless.
Love, Love, Love!